Artist 101: SuRie

United Kingdom's representative for Eurovision 2018, SuRie

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about the United Kingdom representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, SuRie.

Who is SuRie?

Susanna Marie Cork, who is better known as SuRie, is an English singer-songwriter. She was born in Harlow, Essex however she was raised in the Bishop’s Stortford area of Hertfordshire. Her stage name is a combination of her first name Susanna Marie. She began her passion for songwriting at just 12 years old and later pursued her passion by graduating from the Royal Academy of Music.

During her time at the academy, SuRie learnt to play the piano and oboe and also trained as a vocalist. This then lead to her teaching at the Mountview Academy of Thearte Arts in London. Most recently in her musical career, she has also provided backing vocals for Will Young and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

This isn’t her first rodeo at Eurovision too as she has previously provided backing vocals for the Belgian 2015 Eurovision Song Contest representative Loïc Nottet, where she was also one of the dancers in his performance. She was also the musical director for Blanche in 2017’s Eurovision Song Contest, where she performed her fan-favourite entry, ‘City Lights‘.

When is her birthday?

SuRie was born on 18th February 1989, making the singer-songwriter 29 years old.

What is SuRie’s most popular song?

In true Eurovision fashion, her most popular song is Storm, which will be her entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Although, it isn’t her first release as she has released a self-titled EP and two studio albums both prior to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 entry.

Obviously, SuRie won Eurovision: You Decide 2018 with ‘Storm’, beating the likes of RAYA and Goldstone. The winning single was written by Nicole Blair, Gil Lewis and Sean Hargreaves.

What are SuRie’s social media handles?





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