Artist 101: SWMRS

Who are the members of SWMRS?

Cole Becker

Artist 101: SWMRS 2

Max Becker

Artist 101: SWMRS 3

Joey Armstrong

Artist 101: SWMRS 4

Seb Mueller

Artist 101: SWMRS 5


When are their birthdays?

Cole Becker – September 1st, 1995

Max Becker – July 14th, 1993

Joey Armstrong – February 28th, 1995

Seb Mueller – July 16th, 1995


What is their social media?

SWMRS – , TwitterInstagram, & Youtube

Max Becker – TwitterInstagram

Joey Armstrong – Instagram

Seb Mueller – Twitter , Instagram


What is their most popular song?

Figuring It Out


What do I need to know about them?

First of all, SWMRS, (pronounced “swimmers”) was formed in 2004 by childhood best friends Cole and Joey. Then a few weeks later, Cole’s brother, Max joined them. At the time named Emily’s Army, they released 2 albums before changing their name to SWMRS and adding in bassist, Seb Mueller. They are a 4 piece garage rock band from Oakland, California and they’re proud of it.  Since then, they released their debut album as SWMRS. Drive North, was self produced on their record label, Uncool Records. Titled “Drive North” because of their hate of LA and love for The Bay Area. Therefore, the boys have always felt passionate about contributing to the music scene in the East Bay. Most of all, they encourage fans and other musicians to do the same and create a scene in their own communities.

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