Artist 101: Tamara Todevska

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about the Eurovision 2019 Macedonian act, Tamara Todevska.

When is her birthday?

Tamara Todevska’s birthday is 1 June 1985.

What is her most popular song?

Her most popular song, to date, is “Proud” which will be the track that she’ll perform in Tel Aviv at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in May.

What else should I know about Tamara Todevska?

She was born in Skopje, North Macedonia and is one of the best-selling female artists in the country. She was raised in a musical family and started performing at just six years old. Her older sister is Tijana Dapcevic who represented Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song “To The Sky”, failing to make it to the Grand Final after she placed 13th with 33 points in her Semi-Final.

Tamara Todevska’s official debut track was a collaboration with her sister in 1997, titled “Igra luda”, which means “Crazy Game” in English, but she didn’t release her debut album until 2005. This album was titled Sino, which means Blue in English, and had the lead single titled “1003” which was her entry into the Montenegrin festival Suncane Skale, where she came second. She had previously been an entrant in the festival in previous years, with various songs.

In 2007 she attempted to represent Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest by competing in the national selection show Skopje Fest 2007 with the song “Kazi Koj Si Ti”, she came second. She decided not to give up and entered the following year, this time including features from Vrcak & Adrijan Gaxha on the song “Vo Ime Na Ljubovta”. This time around she won the national selection show and was sent to Belgrade, Serbia to the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, where they sang the English version of the song, titled “Let Me Love You”. They failed to make it through to the Grand Final, managing to place tenth in their Semi-Final with 64 points, just three points off from qualifying.

After Eurovision, she continued to release music, leading up to her 2015 sophomore album Eden Den, which means One Day in English. The album was considered a success with many of the tracks becoming charting sensational hits for her. Fast forward a few years and she was internally selected by North Macedonia to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song “Proud” – the song is dedicated to her two children and everyone fighting for their dreams and believing in their own greatness. Now, all she needs to do is make herself proud and make it through to the Grand Final, this time around.

What are her social media links?

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