Artist 101: Zibbz

This guide contains everything you need to know about Swiss duo Zibbz, made up of brother and sister Corinne and Stefan Gfeller.

When are their birthdays?

Corinne Gfeller – 6 June 1985

Stefan Gfeller – 11 March 1987

What is their most popular song?


What else should I know about Zibbz?

Zibbz is a brother and sister duo, comprised of Corinne and Stefan Gfeller. Corinne attended the Laine Theatre Arts in London before recording vocals for various artists including Bligg, Bastian Baker and The Bellamy Brothers to name a few. In addition to this, she has performed with some extremely successful musicians including Prince, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Donna Summer.

Stefan studied in Winterthur, a city in Northern Switzerland, completing his diploma in 2007 before working as a drummer and producer for various artists including Bastian Baker and Gölä. As well as this, he is also a member of Street Drum Corps, a punk rock band.

Corinne and Stefan founded Zibbz in 2008, with Corinne being the lead vocalist and Stefan playing the drums and keyboard. Over the years, they have split their time between their homeland Switzerland and Los Angeles, even having their own reality show which aired weekly on Swiss television.

Zibbz released their first album in 2013, Ready? Go!, featuring singles “One Shot”, “Wake Up!” and “Neonlights”. The album reached number fourteen on the Swiss charts. Four years later, the duo released their second album It Takes A Village which featured the single “Run”. This just missed out on a top ten chart position, peaking at number eleven.

Earlier this year, Zibbz was announced as one of six competitors in Die Entscheidungsshow,  Switzerland’s national selection show to choose a representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. They performed their country-rock song “Stones” and went on to win the competition after winning both the jury and public vote. They will perform “Stones” in the first semi-final on 8 May in Lisbon.

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Written by Lynn Macgillivray

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