Artist 713 Nino Is Making The Best Out Of His Situation

The inner city of Mobile, Alabama is where the humble beginnings of hip hop artist and rapper 713 Nino took place. Growing up was oftentimes tough for the creative being influenced by the streets and a constant lack of guidance. Music was something that 713 Nino quickly found to keep himself grounded and focused.

Making music was on the mind of 713 Nino since the beginning and he finally began recording just two years ago. His talent was brought to the forefront and debuted for the world hear in 2021 when he dropped “Damn,” a song showing off his new-age fast flow and excellent beat choice. As an independent artist, 713 Nino has since released 3 singles and a 14-song album titled after his artist name “713 Nino”.

The Alabama talent has high hopes moving forward and looks to continue the momentum by dropping a 7 track EP very soon. His unique sound resonates with many and his reach will only continue to grow.

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Written by Monella