As a singer-songwriter, Epiphany Monet enthrals music lovers

Her debut album, “When I’m Feeling Lonely”, exudes her pure passion and love for music and showcases her true musical talents.

It is true when people say that opportunities are not always present in front of us; individuals need to create new ones for them, especially when they enter industries already overflowing with many established names. The music industry worldwide welcomes all genuine talents, but the competition in the industry leads certain artists to lose hope and give up. However, certain professionals, singers, composers, producers, songwriters have proved that no matter how competitive an industry is, if people are determined to achieve what they desire, they can go ahead in creating a flourishing career for themselves. Serving as one of the finest examples of such artists is Epiphany Monet, a young singing star and an excellent songwriter from Southern California, the US.

Who is Epiphany Monet, you ask? Well, this ace singer and songwriter is the one whose debut album “When I’m Feeling Lonely” with 10 massive tracks have helped her create her unique niche in the music world. However, she credits a major part of her success to her family for their constant support and particularly his older brother, looking at whom she was motivated to create her career in music as his brother fascinated her with his skills in singing, writing and playing the drums and the guitar.

The sound of music always enthralled her and made her feel that she was born to be a part of the music world. Since her teenage years, taking inspiration from her brother and working around her musical craft consistently, Epiphany Monet went ahead in creating a loyal base of fans and followers for her and proved her mettle to the world through her melodic and impactful sound and lyrics.

Epiphany Monet was recently spotted with musician Andrew Garcia for her upcoming music project. Besides this, the young virtuoso is also excited to join hands with an Indian artist soon for yet another upcoming project of hers.

Till then, keep following her on Instagram @epiphanymonet for more updates.

Written by Monella