Asher Monroe premieres new video for Inner Warrior

Asher Monroe has premiered his new video for his song Inner Warrior. The singer-songwriter shared the video on his Youtube channel.

The video for Inner Warrior is a bit different from his previous ones. Inner Warrior is the first Chapter in Asher’s directorial debut of his movie titled, ” Book of Love .” to be released in early 2019.

Talking about the content on his Youtube channel Asher said:

“I used 2 of my favourite singles from my latest album to craft a story: Inner Warrior ( Chapter 1 ) and Hurricane ( Chapter 2). The music industry has started creating visual albums and this is something that excited me. There are only a few artists attempting to create visual albums, and I wasn’t interested in making a traditional 3-minute music video for those songs. remember this is an excerpt from a larger body of work. Book of Love is an original and experimental movie. I’m hoping to inspire creative storytelling through this new art form.”

The Inner Warrior video wasn’t the only thing Asher revealed, he also did an Instagram live where he revealed a rather different haircut than his fans are used to. His hair is now very blond. He also took the time go use Instagram’s go live feature and talk to a lucky fan who told him that they had been a fan since they saw him in Fame which turns 10 next year. He also replied to comments his fans left on Youtube.


What do you think of Asher’s directorial debut do you love it as much as us and can’t wait to see more of the “Book of Love”? Let us know your thoughts at @CelebMix!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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