Ashley J Has Released The Music Video To “Unbreakable”

We have a brand new music video from Ashley J. Dropped back on Thursday, the “Unbreakable” music video is definitely a visual you will want to see. We have been watching it over and over again.

The song was released the previous week, and we wrote up an article about it back then. Yet, this music video brings a whole new take to the song, one we fully enjoyed. It has been directed by Ashley J herself; with her brother, Nicholas, acting as the cameraman.

Watch Ashley J’s “Unbreakable” Music Video Here:

The music video has an at-home vibe going on, with Ashley J really wanting to showcase what it was like to write a song. Throughout, she’s stylish, sexy, passionate, and care-free, or should we say unbreakable?

There are various scenes throughout, we particularly love the outdoor scene, because she is really in high spirits and is truly loving performing the song amongst nature. Other scenes see her at a table drinking from a cup – we’re presuming it’s tea, connecting the visual back to London, where the song was recorded and produced; we also see her at the piano, drinking a glass of wine, with an Alexandra Stan look about her. The other scene is in the hallway, where she sings in a mirror as she dyes her hair, with the portrait of Marilyn Monroe behind her.

The song is jovial, and one we adore. Ashley J has impressed us, not just with her vocals, but her ability to direct one amazing music video. She also manages to convey the song’s meaning throughout with her larger-than-life personality. She’s totally the sort of person you would love to be friends with.

Alongside the release of this music video, Ashley J went live on Facebook to talk about the song itself, the inspiration behind it, how the music video came about, and what her Fall plans are.

Check Out Ashley J’s Facebook Live Video Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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