Ashley J Releases Brand New Single “Unbreakable”

We have a brand new single from Ashley J, titled “Unbreakable”. The song is her fifth single to date and one we absolutely adore. It has also been confirmed that a music video for this song can be expected at some point.

The song is the follow up to “Trapped” which reached number one on the European Independent Music Charts. Of “Unbreakable”, Ashley J said: “I was just ending a relationship and this song was my final phase of getting through it. I found an undeniable power within, and channelled it with this song that closed the chapter and opened a new one at the same time.”

The song is her official second single from her forthcoming EP, with “Trapped” being the first. It was recorded in London with UK producers Jamie Sellers and Warwick Matthews.

Listen To Ashley J’s “Unbreakable” Single Here:

The uplifting track has a catchy jovial spin that really brings up every listener. Her vocals drift the listener through the air as she adds determinability and confidence to the lyrics. It’s such a sweet pop song filled with Ashley J’s incredible vocals.

The song is dream-like as she sings over a piano and synths that totally transports us into a cloud-like world. There’s our setting idea for the music video. The song is about overcoming heartbreak and Ashley J certainly inspires every listener to blast this song when they’re feeling down because we all can be independent and free.

We are so excited for the upcoming EP. “Trapped” and “Unbreakable” are undeniably catchy, and we cannot wait to see what other songs she plans to release. “Unbreakable” is now available to download and stream.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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