Ashton Irwin: More Than Just A Drummer

“Real bands save fans, real fans save bands.”

In the world we live in today, where others think it’s okay to judge people when they don’t know enough and, believes that celebrities and personalities won’t be hurt by harsh criticism because of fame, it may be hard to believe that people with great hearts and the strong will to inspire others somehow still exists.

As for 5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin, this small ray of positive widens as his amazing personality inspires young individuals to embrace who they are and to continue chasing their dreams as he did.

Growing up with only his mom as a parent, Ashton felt the responsibility of taking on the father-figure for his two younger siblings, which played a huge part into shaping his character today.

Too often, people underestimate Ashton as just a drummer for 5SOS. But, we at CelebMix, always try to spread the positive and shine light to every celebrities’ act of kindness!

To those haters who beg to differ, we’ve brought some proof why Ashton Irwin is MORE than just a drummer to everyone he has inspired.

A huge number of celebrities have supported acts against bullying as it is a huge problem for people of all ages.  Using their voice as a way of promoting good acts through their audience and spreading awareness to those whose been experiencing and dealing with it.

And what makes Ashton Irwin differ from everyone else?

Two years ago, Ashton took to twitter when he found out that his younger sister, Lauren, was being bullied at school whilst he was touring.

Despite being disappointed with how people treated his sister, he still took the opportunity to call out an important point in respecting and accepting our individuality.

With this broadcast on social media, everyone – most specifically the fans – had admired Ashton’s love for his family and the importance of it, considering that he grew up without a father-figure.

And speaking of promoting individuality, so many times he reminded us how each and everyone is unique in their own way. It may be something that most people don’t pay much attention to, but it’s the first key to living a happier and positive life. With how many, especially teenagers, these days live in the fear of not meeting people’s expectations and let one’s words dictate how their life should be lived, it really is an important factor for each one of us.

Haters gonna hate but we can’t deny Ashton’s charming and beautiful soul that continues to inspire us everyday as long as the band lives.


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Written by CelebMix