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Ashton Irwin releases new track ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ashton Irwin continues to tease his forthcoming solo album Superbloom with the release of his latest track ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve once more, ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’ is about overcoming mental resistance and facing every fear you’ve ever had. Ashton also describes it as the “genesis” of the album, having inspired the rest of the record.

Whilst the lyrics are deeply personal to Ashton, there is no doubt that listeners will also be able to relate to this euphoric record. Armed with a storming chorus, ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’ is a modern day anthem of hope which is much needed during such times of uncertainty.

Speaking about the track, Ashton said: “We wrote the song in an hour and it inspired my mission statement for my whole year. We were like, ‘oh my God, we could actually make a record in quarantine’. It made us chase it down like a pack of wolves.

“With its mix of heavy guitars, dreamy soundscapes, indelible hook and lyrics about finding your way out of the abyss, it set a template for the record both sonically and thematically. It has a positive uplifting tone but it’s also about being in a fog of depression”.

Listen to ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’ below.

‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’ follows on from the release of Ashton’s debut solo single ‘Skinny Skinny’, a deeply honest offering which takes a look at body image and body dysmorphia. Both tracks form part of Ashton’s 10-song album Superbloom, which is due for release on October 23.

Best known as the drummer in 5 Seconds of Summer, this exciting new project sees Ashton step into the spotlight on his own as he delves into poignant themes including his childhood, alcoholism, depression, death, addiction, despair and hope. The album was created at Ashton’s LA home with his producer housemate Matt Pauling and sees him unapologetically express his artistry like never before.

Speaking about the process of writing the album, Ashton said: “I had to reach a certain level of lyrical maturity in order to write about something I actually cared about. I think it’s always important as an artist to have a mission statement, like, ‘why do you make music? Why do you write the lyrics you write?’.”

“The journey I was intending was growth, self-understanding, self-reliance when it comes to song-writing and production. The songs I’ve written for this record couldn’t be sung by anyone else but me.”

Superbloom tracklist

  1. ‘Scar’
  2. ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’
  3. ‘Skinny Skinny’
  4. ‘Greyhound’
  5. ‘Matter Of Time’
  6. ‘Sunshine’
  7. ‘The Sweetness’ 
  8. ‘I’m To Blame’
  9. ‘Drive’
  10. ‘Perfect Lie’ 

‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’ is available to download and stream now.

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