Austin Mahone’s Twitter Q & A

What artist doesn’t love a good Q & A session with their fans? None that we can think of!

Tonight, Austin Mahone answered a few questions from “Mahomies” by teaming up with Twitter Music and Twitter LA to hold a short Q & A session on Twitter!

The Questions:

If you’re a huge Austin Mahone fan (or Mahomie) you may or may not already know Austin’s answers to these questions from the fandom.


Austin’s Hidden Talent!

During the Q & A, Austin was asked if he could beatbox. He responded with “I don’t know. You tell me.” Talk about hidden talents!

As always, Austin Mahone did not disappoint! Catch our own Twitter takeovers on @CelebMix, and who knows, maybe we’ll get Austin to stop by our account!?

Written by CelebMix