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Australian Duo Tackle Inner Demons in “Red Chair” Music Video

Australian pop-rock duo Those Who Dream have unveiled their brand new, self-made music video for their single, ‘Red Chair’, where they turn their most anxious thoughts into a cinematic, metaphor jammed 3-minute journey.

The video holds a very powerful message about mental health, which relates to the lyrical content of the song itself. Those Who Dream present an array of metaphors and imagery to represent different mental health struggles, including aspects of anxiety, insomnia and other inner battles many of us face.

The duo went to extreme lengths in the making of this video, building and creating an entire room ‘set’, as well as writing, acting, shooting and editing the entire piece themselves. The amount of time, effort and thought that has gone into the making of this is honourable, especially considering such a small amount of people made it happen!

Those Who Dream: Josh Meyer (left), Cooper Meyer (right). Photo credit:@lukeramljak

“We tried to make each station a representation of an inner struggle either of us have personally dealt with,” tells lead singer Josh, “but what’s so great about the video is it’s completely open to the interpretation of the viewer to figure out their own meanings.”

“The lyrics in this single are very centred around mental health,” drummer of the duo Cooper explains, “so when we decided to write, direct and produce the music video for this track, it was a no-brainer to use the opportunity to address the struggles and anxieties many experience every day.”

Continuing, Cooper adds “Josh wakes up in a room where his most intense struggles and anxieties have materialised, and he spends the majority of the video trying to tackle them head-on. We want everyone watching to understand that it’s never easy confronting your inner demons, but it’s so incredibly important to do so.”

“We’ve been making videos since we could talk and every project is a new learning experience, but the satisfaction of seeing a concept thought of solely by you and your brother actually come to life how you envisioned it; or better, more spectacular than you initially imagined, is a feeling like no other,” says Josh.

“We put every single ounce of ourselves into this video,” explains Cooper, “and we hope more than anything that everyone connects with it as strongly as we did creating it.”

Check out Those Who Dream’s music video for ‘Red Chair’ below!

This isn’t the first time the duo have expressed such passion for what they do as they’re no strangers in going to great lengths for making videos; last recreating every single Twenty One Pilots music video for their cover of ‘Guns For Hands‘.

If you want to find out more about Those Who Dream, you can check out their YouTube channel, which offers an abundance of covers, including the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer and All Time Low, as well as their own original songs. You can join their exclusive Dreamers Club for updates on what the duo will be up to next.

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