Those Who Dream Release Fiery Take on 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Babylon”

Australian pop-rock duo Those Who Dream are back with another incredible cover, and this time, they’re taking on 5 Seconds of Summer’s huge Youngblood track, ‘Babylon’.

Filmed and edited in its entirety by the duo is a cinematic, short-film style music video. This isn’t the first time the Australian brothers have pulled off such a high standard of professionalism when making videos (with no crew either!), having recreated every single Twenty One Pilots music video for a cover of ‘Guns For Hands‘ in 2016.

Those Who Dream are constantly pursuing their dedication for musical and cinematic creation – an example being the previously mentioned Twenty One Pilots cover – and in this brand new cover of ‘Babylon’, they continue to go above and beyond.

Those Who Dream: Josh Meyer (left), Cooper Meyer (right). Photo by Luke Ramljak.

The video for the duo’s new cover lands lead singer Josh Meyer in conflict with Ghostie – the spooky mascot of their latest EP ‘Life in Cyan’.

“When we decided to cover a song as badass and large scale as ‘Babylon’, we knew we had to make a video just as huge. We decided to continue the story from where our ‘Red Chair’ music video left off – with Josh in a final showdown with Ghostie” Cooper, drummer of the duo explains, “The whole concept of the Ghostie character is a physical manifestation of our deepest anxieties and dark thoughts. In this video, we wanted to imply a meshing of Ghostie and Josh; as if he’s now become the very thoughts that he was once so afraid of.”

Those Who Dream: Josh Meyer (left), Cooper Meyer (right). Photo by Luke Ramljak.

“With this kind of ‘body swap’ situation going down,” lead singer Josh adds, “it creates the ambiguity of who’s who in the story. We finish the video by one character setting the other on fire, but we wanted to leave the viewers with one final question: did Josh finally rid himself of his dark thoughts, or did they consume him?”

Check out Those Who Dream’s cover of 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Babylon’ below!

You can find out more about Those Who Dream by checking out their YouTube channel, which offers a variety of covers, including Twenty One Pilots and All Time Low, as well as their own original songs. You can also keep up to date with the duo on Instagram and Twitter.

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Written by Georgia Brown

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