Autism Awareness Month and Niall horan

Niall Horan, alongside his bandmates in One Direction, is famous for many reasons – perhaps the one that means the most to their fans is the charity projects that the lads take part in, both as a band, and as individuals.

Niall has taken part in many charity drives but perhaps what he’s best known to partner with is the Irish Autism Action.  In 2014 he set up a charity match alongside Louis, Harry, and Liam that helped benefit both the Irish Autism Action and the UK Heart and Minds Challenge.  It wasn’t just the lads of One Direction that helped, other names involved included Olly Murs, Piers Morgan, Robbie Fowler, and Keith Duffy – they played a match at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, England and the proceeds went to both charities.

In addition to the over £300,000 raised for the charities from that one match; fans of One Direction are always working on ways to show their support to the lads and for Niall’s birthday, charity drives benefit the Irish Autism Action in his honor.

While Niall’s birthday doesn’t fall until September, April is autism awareness month and there is already a charity drive you can donate to that benefits the Irish Autism Action.  The organization aims to assist and support children and families affected by autism and they have an entire part of their site that shows exactly what they do; from educating and raising awareness, to an outreach service program – the Irish Autism Action is making large strides and with your help – the results are immeasurable.

If you want to help improve the lives of those affected by autism and to show your support for Niall as well; please visit the charity page and donate, if you can’t pledge your funds, you can use your voice to spread the message and show other people why it’s important to raise awareness.  You can also visit the 1D Charity Team Twitter account to see more ways to get involved.

Autism is different, not less, and when the world learns to accept the unique way in which those touched by the condition live – it’ll be a brighter place for us all.

We admire Niall for giving his fans an opportunity to research the charity, donate to awareness for autism, and mirroring his kindness and acceptance in their own lives.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.