Avril Lavigne Collaborates With Jonny Blu For Christmas Cover Song Of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Avril Lavigne has released her first ever Christmas song, and it’s a cover of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. And, yes, we are aware that the song specifically isn’t a Christmas song, and more like a winter song, instead; however, the release comes with a Christmas themed single cover, and many people connect the song with Christmas. The track is a collaboration with Jonny Blu; who you probably know from The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

Fans are delighted to see her first ever Christmas song released. This Canadian female singer-songwriter has been promising a Christmas album for many years; and, now, this song has dropped. Back in June 2015, after her battle with Lyme Disease, she spoke with Billboard about her future plans: “I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas album, but I’ve never had the time. But now it’s like, ‘You know what, just do it!’ Because that’s something I really want to do, so that’s going to be next for me.”

This version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Avril Lavigne & Jonny Blu has been confirmed to be featured on Hallmark Channel’s premiere of “Switched For Christmas”. This film stars Candace Cameron Bure (Full House, Fuller House, Make It Or Break It), Eion Bailey (Once Upon A Time, Mindhunters), and Mark Deklin (Devious Maids, GCB, Lone Star).

The film will be shown on the Hallmark Channel on November 26, 2017 – which is this Sunday. It has an exciting storyline where estranged identical twins, who envy each other, decide to switch lives until Christmas. In doing so, they learn the true meaning of their own lives, gaining a deeper perspective and an appreciation for what they already had. Read all about the film on the IMDB page.

Listen Avril Lavigne & Jonny Blu’s Cover Of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Here:

The song has only been released on iTunes and Apple Music at the moment; whether it will be on other platforms is a question many fans are wondering. Both artists sound incredible on the track, bringing a typical big band symphonic backing track.

It’s so good to hear Avril Lavigne singing this winter-themed song; it suits her voice perfectly, and excites us for this Christmas album she promised back in 2015; however, it might be a couple more years before this LP drops, although she could be surprising us with it next month – we sure hope so.

We also love the collaboration with Jonny Blu, their voices compliment each other perfectly for this song, and we so hope a live video performance of this song is released soon.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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