Awaiting Eli Releases New Single, “Broken”

Radio rock band, Awaiting Eli, has just released their new single, “Broken.” The Omaha-based band is a group comprised of multi-talented individuals whose passion and dedication to perfect their craft is evident in the music they impart.

“Broken” comes before Awaiting Eli’s upcoming second album, “Home,” out later this year.

The band is made up of four men: Eric Tomes is the lead vocalist and guitarist, Bobby Braz is the lead guitarist, the drums/ percussion is played by Justin Essink whilst Carlos “Los” Garcia rocks out on the bass guitar.

The new single, according to Tomes, was written primarily by Braz. “As he presented it to me one night, he was in the midst of terrible arguments with his now ex wife.  They were yelling and saying mean stuff and throwing things around the house. As I was listening to the chorus instrumentals, I started to hear the words without having to try. ‘Look through the glass we’ve thrown our stones let’s go out separate ways cause this is a broken home.’ Coming from a broken home myself this stuck to me and hit home as I’m sure it will with a lot of listeners in America as divorce rates are high.”

Ready to reach new heights, they constantly push themselves to grow in their craft and never stop. The band is purposefully named Awaiting Eli because in Hebrew, Eli means “height.”

Stay up to date with the band as they release “Home” and other music on their website and social media. We can’t wait to hear the new album!

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Written by Brittany Sims

Brittany is a 2019 graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Her love for writing started as a child and grew from there. When she started becoming obsessed with celebrities and pop culture, Brittany decided to start a career in Journalism.