Katy Perry follows a “Slutty Taylor Swift” Instagram account after 1989 world tour shark attack.

Band aids clearly don’t fix bullet holes as the war between two of the most influential women in pop continues.

The feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has reportedly been an ongoing thing for quite a while now and in the latest part of the spat, Katy Perry, 30, recently had her latest roar as she followed an Instagram account noticeably named sluttytaylorswift.

Even though the account has nothing to do with Taylor Swift, 25, the name of the account is obviously drawing the attention of the public, in particular the armies of Katycats and Swifties, suggesting that these two pop princesses are nowhere near the making up stage.

This latest jibe comes just after Swift’s 1989 world tour concert in America as she sang the reportedly Katy Perry influenced song ‘Bad Blood’ whilst one of her back up dancers wore a shark puppet – mocking Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance.

Many videos of the Shake It Off singers show in Foxborough surfaced on Twitter and Youtube showing the star laughing at her back up dancers prank.

So for now, it looks like this friendship is never ever getting back together anytime soon.

Written by CelebMix