Bad Education The Movie: A review

If you enjoyed the TV series then you would definitely enjoy the film as it was like an extended Christmas episode. It contains the same sort of humour and characters. The film also takes you outside of the school a bit like both Inbetweeners movies as you start in Amsterdam and end in Cornwall.

The movie starts in Anne Frank’s house where the usual Bad Education mischief takes place. However, it was well done as filming in Anne Frank’s house is a bit of a risk as it could cause offence. Still no mention of the Nazis or the war and the actions that take place are purely comical.

Frazer also returns and makes his usual funny start by sitting on a U.S. presidential chair and names himself President Barack O-banter. The movie also takes you to the Eden project where the first reaction from the pupils is: ‘Where is the skunk?’

For followers of the series you will be happy to know that Atticus Hoy finally makes an appearance but Mr Wickers and Hoy do not have such a good friendship that has been previously made out. Hoy dares Mr Wickers to teabag a swan which has a very painful outcome.

Mr Wickers still comes out with his usual one liners such as: ‘this shits about to get 50 shades of cray.’

As most films do it ends with a reasonably big finale with Mr Dickers; as his pupils call him, shouting out: ‘this is Cornwall.’ This echoes 300 and previous quotes that were used in the Bad Education series.

Written by CelebMix