Fresh Meat Returns!

Channel 4’s hit comedy drama Fresh Meat returned to our screens on Monday for it’s fourth and final season. The show, written by the brains behind Peep Show, revolves around a group of university students attempting to muddle through the mess of student life- including the parting, the housemate drama and very occasionally, some actual studying!

Popular comedian Jack Whitehall takes centre stage as the incredibly wealthy and stereotypically posh owner of the gang’s shared house, JP. The entire cast have been praised for their funny and genuine portrayals of student life. Zawe Ashton who plays the edgy and rebellious Vod and The Inbetweener’s Joe Thomas have both been especially celebrated for their roles. Charlotte Ritchie who plays the overly-hipster Oregon has also gone onto further success. She has starred in the BBC Three show Siblings and recently joining the cast of Call the Midwife.

The first series way back in 2011 saw the mismatched bunch of students meet after failing to get a place in the university halls. Now, several parties, drug overdoses and failed relationships later, the gang are back for their final year of university. Last night’s episode saw the terror of graduation really start to sink in. With final exams just weeks away, the students began to realise that it might be time to do some revision and plan for the future. But first of course, in true Fresh Meat fashion, one giant party to draw a line underneath all social distractions and procrastination (in theory, anyway!)

The season premiere was filled with the show’s typical hilarious one-liners and mischief, proving why it has become one of the most popular shows on British television. Of course, we will mourn its ending as we do all our favourite shows (by marathoning it on Netflix!) But for now, we have 5 more episodes to look forward to! Fresh Meat will continue to air on Monday evenings at 10pm on Channel 4.

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Written by CelebMix