Bakermat Releases Marvelous, Feel-Good LP – ‘The Spirit’

Amsterdam-based artist Bakermat recently released his second studio album, The Spirit, via Ultra Music.

Explaining The Spirit, Bakermat shares, “I wanted to go back to the roots with this album. Combining gospel, soul, and folk samples with uplifting pianos and saxophones to create a collection of feel-good songs perfect for the summer. The diversity in styles and genres is high and I experimented with elements of classical music and spoken word too. I hope this album can serve as a soundtrack for road trips, holidays and other fun times with friends and family. And lastly, I hope it inspires and connects people.”

Bakermat hit like a tsunami in 2012, releasing his single, “One Day,” which amassed more than 100 million streams and topped the charts. Since then, he has performed at Tomorrowland and Airbeat One Festival, along with hosting his own circus events in London, Paris, New York, and Rio de Janeiro.

The Spirit grabbed attention from Billboard Dance, 1883 Magazine, and MTV, and features “Ain’t Nobody” with celebrated gospel singer La Shun Place.

Encompassing a dozen tracks, the album begins with the title track, opening on intoxicating gospel vocals atop a thrumming rhythm and sparkling piano. Leavened with gospel and dance savors, the track ripples with captivating energy.

Highlights include “Walk That Walk,” full of alluring funk flavors, low-slung scorching vocals, and smoldering layers of coloration rife with tasty horns. “Ain’t Nobody” offers the lush, magnetic gospel timbres of La Shun Place, accompanied by the bright, lush voices of a choir.

“Drunk Baby On A Saturday Night” blends funk, pop, and dance elements into a bouncy tune with sugar-pop-like vocals, as well as a deliciously squealing saxophone and fat bassline. Whereas “From Paris To Amsterdam” rolls out on a driving dance rhythm capped by glossy vocals and shimmering washes of sound.

“Chorale” amalgamates an elegant classical piano with sweeping waves of dramatic, soaring religious voices, and dance music into one of the year’s most innovative and gripping songs.

With The Spirit, Bakermat parades his unique, superlative talents, producing a splendid sonic work of art, merging house and other aromas.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.