Barei Has Released The Music Video For “Worry, Worry” Featuring Porta

Barei is best known for representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with the song “Say Yay!” She came 22nd with 77 points. Recently, she released three singles, one each week, titled “Wasn’t Me“, “Forget It“, and “Worry, Worry (feat. Porta)“, all of which charted well in her home country. Now, she has dropped the music video for the last song and it certainly brings sunny tropical vibes.

She showcases her new lightened blonde hair with her usual engaging dance moves. This song is our least favourite out of the three newly released singles; however, the video adds a visual to the song, making it highly addictive and undeniably great. The song has charted at number 34 in Spain.

Watch Barei’s Music Video For “Worry, Worry” Featuring Porta Here:

Barei performs on a beach as the sea waves swim behind her. A pure performance based visual, this Spanish singer shines throughout, easily displaying her fun and relaxed side which is needed for this music video.

For his part, Porta can be seen on some rocks, near the water. He switches up the track with his rap, whilst consistently keeping the tropical vibes of the song. Performance-wise, he has a lot of energy, easily keeping the audience entertained, just like Barei does. This was definitely a perfect collaboration.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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