Bebe Rexha Releases New Song

Oh. My. God. Yes! US-singer Bebe Rexha has decided to finally share her new music with the rest of the world today by debuting a brand new track on her SoundCloud page. Following her highly critically-acclaimed collaboration with David Guetta, Nicki Minaj & Afrojack on “Hey Mama”, as well as her extremely successful participation on the new G-Eazy song “Me, Myself & I”, this marks her first solo release in almost over a year.

The track is called “Atmosphere” (don’t be bothered by her SoundCloud page; it falsely declares the song as “Atomshphere”) and is a “worktape” she has been busy working on with Mag and Mitch Allan, who produced the beauty.

“Atmosphere” is a song that is a bit different from her previous tracks. It is no longer centered around the pop-rock sound that shaped Bebe Rexha’s debut EP “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” but is highly electronically-influenced, in a good way. “Atmosphere” is a sort of glitchy slow-jam that somehow manages to showcase the beautiful production while not taking too much attention away from Bebe Rexha’s unique voice. The song deals with the aftermath of a broken relationship and the way it all started in the beginning. The only problem with the song: it is only two minutes long. But the two minutes are two very good minutes.

We inserted the SoundCloud link for you down below.

If you liked what you just heard, you might be excited about the fact that more music by the singer is coming soon; Bebe Rexha is currently busy working on the completion of her first studio album. Its lead single, which is going to be called “No Broken Hearts” and features US-rapper Nicki Minaj, will also be released very soon, according to her Twitter.

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