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Shot by Emilio Sanchez, Picture Credit: Becky G on Instagram

Finally! Becky G Unveils Fabulous Debut Album, Titled “MALA SANTA”

It’s been seven years since her first release…but we finally have a full-length record! Becky G has unveiled her debut album to the world and it is everything we had hoped for.

Becky G is only 22 years old but has been in the music industry ever since she was 14 years old. Signed in 2011, the singer has been through a lot. From singing in the “Shower” in 2014, to reclaiming her Latin roots, starting with the release of “Sola” back in 2016.

So, it was just a matter of time (and a lot of patience for both the artist and her fans) as to when she will release a full-length record.

On Thursday, the day has finally (!) come.

Titled “MALA SANTA”, her debut album was dropped onto us and all we could do was take it in and bask in its glory.

Becky G’s first record features 16 tracks and clocks in at a total running time of about 52 minutes. Included in the all-Spanish track list are her previous hits such as “Majores”, “Sin Pijama” and “Cuando Te Besé” which were added as bonus tracks by the artist. In an interview with Billboard, the singer explained that she wanted these songs to be a part of her first record as they were a huge part of who she is as a Latin artist today.

Created largely with the help of DJ Lucian, Mambo Kingz and Hydro, “MALA SANTA” is a reflection of Becky G growing up in the spotlight. In the Billboard interview, she mentions that she always felt like she was the bad saint (mala santa) of the industry as everyone watched her transition from a little angel into a woman.

“MALA SANTA” plays with this transition and these feelings. Becky G delivers both sides perfectly: we get the party anthems we deserve (e.g. “24/7”, “Majores”, “Sin Pijamas”) as well as quieter moments (“EN MI CONTRA”, “NI DE TU NI DE NADIE”) that showcase just how much she is able to pull off.

Assisted by other top tier Latin artists such as Farruko, Mau y Ricky or Bad Bunny, “MALA SANTA” feels like a fresh fusion of the genres. It is a statement in the singer’s versatility and cements Becky G’s status as one of the best current Latin artists

Stream the album right here:

“MALA SANTA” was released via Kemosabe Records on Thursday. It is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and platform of your choice.

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