Best Friend Duo Flyana Boss Drops Self-Love EP Boffum

Flyana Boss is a hip-hop duo made up of two best friends that empower, inspire, and make people laugh simultaneously. Their latest EP Boffum was written about transcending societal perceptions and living life as the best version of yourself.

The EP opens with “Really Really”, a song about loving yourself before anyone else. With jubilant beats, infectious backup vocals, and witty lyrics, the single is an instant hit of dopamine on the ear. The second track on Boffum is “Nu Nu”, written about emerging into your power and basking in the light of a fresh glow up. Flyana Boss sings, “Mamas got a brand new bag, can’t buy this at the store, you could never cop my swag.” Featuring a roaring array of backup vocals, dark and dangerous beats, and unshakeable confidence, “Nu Nu” is sure to give you the boost you need to flex. Both tracks on Boffum celebrate stepping into your identity as an independent woman, leaning on your best friends during times of growth, and having fun along the way.

Flyana Boss began their musical partnership by scouring the web for YouTube beats and laying down verses. After attending music school together in LA, the two best friends have transformed their duo into what it is today.

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer