Best Lirry Moments Over The Years

Liam Payne and Harry Styles of One Direction have blessed us over the past five years with cute bromance moments so often, that there is an actual ship name for them- Lirry.

What is a ship? Why is it called Lirry?

A ship is short for a true friendship that you absolutely love, and would like to continue going on for, basically, forever. Some might also call this, an OTP (one true pair).

The ship name is called Lirry, simply because it is a combination of both Liam and Harry’s first names. Liam-Harry-Lirry.

Phew! Now that we have that all sorted; let’s take a look back over 5 years, at the absolute BEST Lirry moments, shall we?

Here are 5 of the best Lirry moments over the years.

1. Backpacking Trip of Machu Picchu (4/29/14, Peru)

This monumental Lirry trip was recorded for their “This is Us” movie in 2013.I in mean, look how good they looked???


2. Harry Re-Tying Liam’s Shoes (9/28/14, Charlotte, North Carolina)

Harry stopped in the middle of the concert to tie Liam’s shoes for him. Aww!

This cute Lirry moment we could watch over and over again.


3. Lirry Stage Moment (12/04/15, 102.7 KIIS FM Jingle Ball in LA)

This iconic Lirry moment had many fans at a loss of words, from how PER-FECT it was. (As Leroy would say.)

4. Lirry, X-Factor UK Final (12/13/15, London, UK)

Most recently, right after One Direction preformed for the last time before their hiatus, Liam gave Harry a huge kiss on the cheek. Cheeky!

5. Lirry Twit-cam (2010)

Who could forget the infamous Lirry video broadcast in 2010? They were so young!

Over the years, Harry and Liam have given us enough cute and sassy moments to last a lifetime. There have been many, and hopefully will be many more Lirry moments when One Direction return from their hiatus. Until then, continue to be adorable, Lirry! We here at CelebMix think you two are an awesome OTP. Maybe they’ll hang out together, and we will get more photo opps. *shrieks*

We love you! Enjoy your time off! x

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Written by CelebMix