The Best Moments Of Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour DVD On “Glory Days” Deluxe Album

Anyone who has bought the deluxe version of Little Mix’s “Glory Days”, has been given quite the treat. A Get Weird Tour DVD is included in the deluxe version. Watch Little Mix work the stage of the SSE Arena, Wembley, London, UK.

There are plenty of amazing moments during this tour DVD, but before we get into that, let’s consider a few things. This DVD is of an extreme high quality. It’s totally immersive, you literally feel a part of the audience watching Little Mix perform. But, the biggest thought is that Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock were formed as Little Mix, on that very stage five years ago.

Now, winners of the eighth series of The X Factor, and still the only group to have won. They have released four albums, have gained four UK number ones and nine UK top tens, unless you count The X Factor charity single, which makes it ten.

So, this is the fourth album, and the deluxe version has this DVD as an exclusive bonus. Here are our top 10 favourite moments.

1 The dancers pull off Little Mix’s pyjamas, to reveal sexy outfits during “Grown”

During the opening number of the Get Weird Tour; the dancers strip the girls in one quick motion to reveal these sexy outfits, as they build up “Grown”.

2 The audience Little Mix signs

The Best Moments Of Little Mix's Get Weird Tour DVD On "Glory Days" Deluxe Album 1

Although there are pros and cons with signs, they are lovely to watch and read. It is frustrating if the people in front of you do have a sign and are always thrusting it up in your way whilst you’re enjoying the performance. As long as fans hold the sign up every now and then, and attempts to not obstruct people’s views, it’s fine. Having said that, the artists love seeing them, as Little Mix said.

3 Audience participation before they start “Wings”

The Best Moments Of Little Mix's Get Weird Tour DVD On "Glory Days" Deluxe Album 2

This is such a sweet part of Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour DVD, They talk about how they were formed on that very stage, before leading the audience into singing the chorus to “Wings”.

4 The short segments

This was obviously going to be a part of our favourite moments. Whilst the girls go backstage to grab water and change outfits; we watch a prerecorded visual. The first one involved the girls piling into a taxi, asking the driver to put the radio on. Little Mix songs come blasting out, with the driver singing along, or crying, or dancing; all before the car brakes down and leaves the girls stranded in the forest. This lead them to singing “Lightning” and “DNA”.

The next segment was a teaching school segment, where a voice-over, with the help of Little Mix, taught the audience various dance moves.

The last segment was the girls singing “The Beginning”, which is the last track on the deluxe edition of their third album “Get Weird”.

5 Audience Lights for “Secret Love Song”

The Best Moments Of Little Mix's Get Weird Tour DVD On "Glory Days" Deluxe Album 3

A light show, one we’re usually a part of whenever we’re in an audience, but it actually makes a nice change to see how Little Mix sees the audience, when we have our lights on.

6 The Bunny Dancers for “OMG”

The Best Moments Of Little Mix's Get Weird Tour DVD On "Glory Days" Deluxe Album 4

Perhaps unrelated to the song, but they are adorably cute, aren’t they?

7 The Mexican Wave

More audience participation, this time in the form of a Mexican wave all around the SSE Arena, Wembley. It’s a vision to watch.

8 Perrie Edwards admits her eyelashes were hanging off #GirlProblems

The Best Moments Of Little Mix's Get Weird Tour DVD On "Glory Days" Deluxe Album 5

Jesy Nelson decides to get more audience participation by getting the guys in the audience to say something, before Perrie Edwards returns to the stage, admitting her eyelashes were falling off “#GirlProblems”. Then the girls in the audience said something much louder. Audience atmosphere was clearly off the charts.

9 Little Mix appear up high on the stage, whilst Jade Thirlwall sings a jazzed-up version of “Move”

The Best Moments Of Little Mix's Get Weird Tour DVD On "Glory Days" Deluxe Album 6

This was totally unexpected. This whole new version of “Move” sounded amazing, but seeing them high up was definitely an added bonus.

10 Dancing to the incoming call ringtone

Before “How Ya Doin’?” came on, a ringtone went off, they blamed it on the dancers who passed the phone around. Upon which everyone started to dance to the ringtone itself; it was completely staged because of the next song, but the choreography was on point.

There are plenty more momentous occasions during Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour DVD as part of the Glory Days deluxe edition; if you think there’s one important part, or even just a part you specifically liked the best, that we didn’t include; let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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