Betty Moon Releases New Album – ‘Hellucination’

The ever-innovative singer-songwriter, producer, and filmmaker Betty Moon has released her latest LP, Hellucination, recently. Hellucination follows on the heels of her previous album, CHROME, which generated hits such as “Sound,” “Natural Disaster,” and “Parachute.”

Now based in L.A., Moon began her musical career while in high school, forming a band called Bambi. After selling more than 10,000 DIY records, A&M/Universal signed her to a recording contract. Since then, Moon has been nominated for four CASBY Awards, in every imaginable category, as well as performing at the Sunset Strip Music Festival with The Offspring, Marilyn Manson, and Quiet Riot, along with releasing a series of well-received and popular albums hatching numerous hit singles.

Renowned for her sultry voice, evolving creativity, and her innate gift for merging elements of EDM, pop, electro-pop, future house, and alt-rock into visionary concoctions full of glossy textures and infectious rhythms, Moon’s relentless work ethic and flair have made her one of alt-rock’s most recognizable female artists.

Featuring 11-tracks, Hellucination opens with “Save My Soul,” a potent electro-pop tune gleaming with delicious vocals, a compelling rhythmic pulse, and coruscating surface colors. About two women, one who has everything, while the other has nothing – the lyrics narrate a tale of needed salvation.

“I’m in over and over and over my head / Someone please put my demons back under my bed / Walking on water, sinking slow / I need you to Save My Soul.”

“Violent City” displays the velvety beauty of Moon’s superbly evocative voice, riding on dark sonic textures flavored with alt-pop dynamics, as radiant vocal harmonies suffuse the tune with rich depth and blooming dimension.

“Fear Takes Control” travels on industrial pop-laced energy, as ominous colored vocals imbue the lyrics with tense menace. Groaning synths topped by moaning filaments and portentous harmonies infuse the music with taut pressure.

“Love Me Like You” projects retro flavors of Motown sound, rife with lustrous vocal harmonies and Moon’s galvanizing tones. Layered harmonics permeate the tune with luscious proximate impetus.

The best track on the album, from a subjective viewpoint, is the scintillating “Crazy (What You Make Me), flowing on glistening hues of electro-pop relishes embellished by Moon’s glossy silky timbres.

On Hellucination, Betty Moon struts her delectable vocal range, musical fertility, and her gift for blending a multiplicity of genres into marvelous musical potions.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.