Beyoncé Dedicates ‘Halo’ Performance to the Orlando Victims

On Tuesday in Detroit, on her Formation world tour, Beyoncé performed a beautiful and powerful rendition of her hit song ‘Halo’. Before singing it, she stopped to take a moment and remember the Orlando victims who were killed this past weekend due to a mass shooting at Pulse nightclub.

The gunman, Omar Mateen, stormed into the club in the early hours of Sunday morning and took 49 lives while injuring at least 53 more before being killed by police.

Beyoncé was set to close the show and mentioned that she was dedicating ‘Halo’ to the victims with a beautiful message.

“This song is about love,” Beyoncé said, “and I’d like to dedicate to all the family members of those who lost their lives in Florida.”

The lyrics “Baby I can see your halo / You know you’re my saving grace,” are somehow even more poignant and were a perfect commemoration for those whose lives were taken away.

Check out the emotional performance below:

Beyoncé has also helped raise over $80,000 for the people in Flint who are currently in the middle of a water crisis by allowing fans to have the option to donate some money when they were purchasing tickets to see her on tour.

Many celebrities have also paid tribute to those who have been affected by the tragic Orlando shooting. Adele dedicated her entire concert in Belgium to the victims before breaking down in tears:

Elton John, Paul McCartney, the Dixie Chicks and more have all performed their tributes onstage.

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Written by Laura

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