Beyoncé now has the most liked Instagram photo

Beyoncé had the world well and truly SHOOK on 1st February when she announced via Instagram that she is expecting twins with her husband Jay Z. She broke the news by sharing a photo from her beautiful pregnancy photoshoot and, in the picture she chose to upload first, she can be seen kneeling in front of a wreath of flowers, wearing lingerie and a green veil. Despite the fact that Queen B announced her pregnancy a few days ago now, the world is still jumping for joy and her fans have enjoyed expressing their excitement and congratulations to the couple by liking and commenting on the image B posted.

So many people have liked her post, in fact, that it has stormed its way up to the top of the Instagram charts for the most liked photos of ALL time. Beyoncé’s pregnancy pic currently has 9.7 million likes and there’s no doubt in our minds that it’ll soon reach the big 10. This means the ‘Formation’ songstress has taken the crown from Selena Gomez, who previously held the record for the most liked Image ever posted onto the app. Selena, who is also the most followed Instagram user with a whopping 100 million followers, shared a photo of herself drinking from a Coca Cola bottle, which had lyrics to one of her songs on, last year. This image has over 6 million likes but Beyoncé well and truly beat her record in a matter of days, which probably just proves how much of a Queen she really is, right?

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when your lyrics are on the bottle ? #ad

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Before Selena became the social media Princess, though, the record for the most liked Instagram post was held by Justin Bieber, whose snap was, ironically, of him and Selena kissing, back when they had been dating since 2011. He captioned it “Feels” and the throwback snap the star posted 16 weeks ago has received 3.7 million likes.

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Prior to that, the record was held by Kendall Jenner. She posted a photo of her lying on the floor with her hair spread around her into the shape of hearts. Since she uploaded it in May 2015, the picture has had 3.6 million likes and has become quite iconic as many people still enjoy recreating it.

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However, Kendall was dethroned by Bieber and Selena has now been dethroned by Beyoncé but, let’s be real, if you’re gonna lose your virtual throne to someone, Beyoncé is a pretty great person to lose it to, right? The ‘Single Ladies’ hitmaker literally has the world wrapped around her little finger and you only need to have a brief scroll through the 450,000+ comments on her pregnancy announcement Instagram post to see that. We have no shame in admitting we are under the spell of Beyoncé as well, though, and we’re still absolutely buzzing about the fact that she’s going to be giving birth to two babies this year. (Sidenote: does this mean she can form her own Destiny’s Child now?)

So, let us know if you’re as happy about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s news as we are. Also, here’s a challenge for you: which celebrity do you think will be next to have the most liked Instagram pic? Will Beyoncé beat her record when she uploads the first snap of her newborn twins? Or will Selena come back and reclaim her crown? Tweet us your thoughts @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix