Beyond The Song: 5 Seconds of Summer – Airplanes

‘Airplanes’ is track number fifteen on Sounds Good, Feels Good album. The song was written by the band, John Feldmann and Roy Stride. The song lasts three minutes and thirty-eight seconds, and showcases a range of styles from 5 Seconds of Summer.

Most of my life
I sat on my hands, I don’t make a sound

These lyrics show that we just sit around quietly and letting our dreams and ambitions pass us by. The lyrics almost have a sense of regret, saying that they wished they had done something sooner instead of wasting time just sitting around doing nothing, or doing something that they were unhappy with. We should always use our time as effectively as possible, doing everything we can to get closer to achieving our dreams.

Gonna see the end of this story
I won’t fade into darkness

These lyrics show the importance of being heard and listened to. When they say ‘I won’t fade into darkness,’ this could imply that many people are almost pushed to the background yet the lyrics make it clear that they will not be doing this. The lyrics ‘gonna see the end of this story,’ in our view, show that they want to have a successful career, which they have done so far, and they continue to make records that go down extremely well with fans.

Like I’ve something to prove, nothing to lose

This demonstrates the importance of success. These lyrics show that you can follow your dreams and you have to prove the people wrong who said that you couldn’t be a success. The lyrics also state that there is ‘nothing to lose’ – there is quite an inspirational message behind these lyrics that can be easily overlooked.

All of this time
I questioned myself, I never could wait
Looking for signs
Not asking for help, I know it’s too late
A love lost and buried here, it comes to life, life
Make believe worlds make us all feel alive, live

We often doubt ourselves when making a decision and we look for signs trying to direct us in the right direction. In addition, we never ask for help until it is too late. People are more than willing to help us and we all need to realize that there are people there to help us – whether it is family, friends or anyone else. The lyrics ‘make believe worlds make us all feel alive’ shows that in our minds, we can make up something so incredible and fascinating, that we can be easily distracted from reality. But make believe worlds are not always bad, we sometimes need an escape from reality.

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Written by Rachel Dempster