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EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio

At only 11 years old, Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio are already making their mark on the world. Having made their breakthrough as Summer Newman on CBS’ The Young and the Restless, and appearing in Bon Jovi’s ‘What Do You Got’ video, the D’Ambrosio twins have continued to blossom in both the TV and music industry.

Previously releasing acoustic driven tracks, just last year the twins showcased an edgier sound through their single ‘That’s What Girls Do’, which was premiered exclusively on CelebMix. Now, the D’Ambrosio twins have released their own album of covers called Got You Covered, putting their stamp on artists as varied as Twenty One Pilots and The Bay City Rollers.

We recently got to quiz Bianca and Chiara on their choice of covers, experimenting with different sounds and what 2017 has in store. Check it out below!

Congratulations on the release of your album ‘Got You Covered’! We love the mix of current songs and tracks which were hits before your time. How did you go about choosing which songs to record?

Thank you! We are super excited… We have grown up hearing these songs being played in the car with our parents. Also, heard some in movies, like ‘Kids in America’ in ‘Clueless’. We went to the Ramones celebration at the Hollywood Cemetery for Rock and Roll High School and watched it with all their fans of all ages and had to do a Ramones song. It was really cool, because when we posted it, Linda Ramones retweeted and reposted it! How cool is that? We love the show ‘Stranger Things’ and were super excited to cover The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’.

Which was your favourite/most fun to record?

They were all really fun. We would pick a song and work on them with our friend Marko Desantis, who was in the band Sugarcult and from there would go into the studio and record. We loved doing Best Coast ‘Crazy For You’, because we love Bethany. She also found it on YouTube and reposted it. It’s been so cool.

Were there any songs that you wanted to cover but didn’t make the cut?

We really wanted to do Cheap Trick ,’I Want You To Want Me’ but thought we would wait a few years LOL. We have been working on some new ones that we are going to record, like All American Rejects ‘Give You Hell’. That’s gonna be a good one!

You’ve been learning to play the guitar and drums in recent months…how have you found the experience?

We have been playing for a while, but it was mostly just for fun. When we started playing these songs, we just got better and better and it keeps going!

Your sound has developed a lot – are you planning to continue experimenting with different genres/instruments etc?

Oh for sure. We hope to just keep going through our dad’s iPhone to find more songs to learn!

You’re still very young but have been in the business for a while. How do you stay grounded?

Our parents and friends. We are having a great time, but we are kids first. So we get to be kids and have fun!

As twins, do you find it easier or more difficult to make group decisions?

We do this thing called Twinlepathy, so we kind of always know each other’s thoughts, so kind of simple to make decisions :)

As well as music, you do a lot of TV work. Do you have a preference?

We love both. Music we can do it on our own and whenever we want, so it’s easier. But, we love acting and performing. We have some acting projects this year we are excited about!

What does the rest of 2017 have in store for you?

We are going to keep recording, writing new songs and like we said, we will be working on some films. Yay! Thanks so much!

Thank you to Bianca and Chiara for their time! Got You Covered is available now, take a listen below.

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