Bianca Rose Unveils Music Video for ‘Run and Hide’

British-Nigerian-Jamaican Alternative-Pop and RnB artist Bianca Rose is a popular indie artist who has been expanding her self-made successful path after releasing her debut album ‘No Fear Here’ in 2017, which was produced by critically acclaimed jazz musician and producer Femi Temowo who has worked in past with popular artists such as George Benson, Andrea Bocceli, Amy Winehouse, ESKA and The Roots.

Now the UK-based Bianca Rose has returned with her brand new vibrant single titled ‘Run and Hide’ which is written with and produced by Jake Isaac. The track was released on Friday, May 17 accompanied by a music video. Watch below:

Talking about her new track ‘Run and Hide’, Rose says, ” ‘Run and Hide’ encourages us to feel our feelings, specifically around loss.” This latest release marks a significant change of pace in Bianca’s musical direction, who effortlessly inhabits the next evolution in her sound. It’s her most vibey track to date, introducing synth and heavy bass to create an alternative RnB track with melancholic undertones. Juxtaposing this melancholia with Jake Isaac’s musicality has created a piece of music that provides a moment to both our feelings and also be lifted out of them, to feel but not wallow. Also, the official music video for ‘Run and Hide’ is directed by Chris Mathison and the visuals created are absolutely stunning. ‘Run and Hide’ gives us a good glimpse of what to expect next from her upcoming projects.

Image: Bianca Rose – Run and Hide via Spotify

Here’s what Bianca Rose has to say about her tantalizing track- “You know this is one of those songs where I didn’t know what I was writing about until I started writing it. The words became the idea. The lyrics flowed from a subconscious place, tapping into feelings of loss where emotions are so acute and all-encompassing, that you want the pain to both leave and stay. The aftermath of a loss can be confusing, but at the same time, past memories can be the guiding lights for the new road ahead”.

Bianca Rose’s live shows have included sets for Sofar Sounds, Tigmus, London Jazz and Festival, City Showcase, The Vortex and the CrimeJazz Festival in Amsterdam and Rotterdam along with additional performances for Playstation, OH Tv & radio play on Radio 1 and 1Xtra. She is a proudly independent artist and has also co-founded a company I am Independent which serves to resource and support independent music artists, cross-pollinating advice and experiences from artists and music industry members alike.

Listen to ‘Run and Hide’ here on Spotify.

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Written by Khushboo Malhotra

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