Big Ali, Busta Rhymes, And R-Wan Join Forces On New Track “Bottles Up”

We have an infectious new single, this week, from big-name rappers Big Ali, Busta Rhymes, and R-Wan, titled “Bottles Up”. The track is a total summer club banger that will get any party started. It follows-up Big Ali’s feature on Musical Masquerade’s “Dancehall Dances” which also featured Biggy and Ding Dong, Busta Rhymes’ feature on Destructo’s “F#cking Sh*t Up”, and R-Wan’s “On The Ground” which featured Fatman Scoop.

These three artists sure are making some big waves in the music industry lately. Busta Rhymes is a prolific rapper who has had a bunch of hits and continues to release epic music, this song is a clear testament to that. He is probably best known for his 2003 collaboration with Mariah Carey on the song “I Know What You Want” featuring Flipmode Squad, which was a chart sensation around the world. He also hit the charts hard when he featured on the Pussycat Dolls’ track “Don’t Cha”.

Then there’s Big Ali, who has also made quite the name for himself in the music industry; his biggest hit to date include his feature on Bob Sinclar & Cutee-B’s song “Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)” which also featured Dollarman and Makedah, as well as his feature on Lucenzo’s “Vem Dancar Kuduro” which became the internationally successful song “Danza Kuduro”; as for his own songs, he hit multiple charts in Europe with “Hit The Floor” featuring Dollarman, and did pretty well in his home country of France with “WatiBigAli” featuring Wati B.

As for R-Wan, he is a rising DJ and producer who has had support from some of the biggest DJs in the world, including Calvin Harris, Afrojack, David Guetta, Hardwell, and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. He has been showcasing his versatility lately as his song “Take Me Away” featuring Mike Jay has a romantic sounding melody which completely contrasts this club-rap vibe.

This song, “Bottles Up”, is a total banger, and we reckon it will certainly be heard a lot; we expect to see the Spotify streams increase in the future. A lyric video for the track was also released on BIP Records’ official YouTube account, although it is being marketed as the official music video.

Watch The Video For Big Ali x Busta Rhymes x R-Wan’s “Bottles Up” Here:

The song is a pure banger of a tune, allowing the artists to truly shine in their own way. Many fans of Busta Rhymes admit that it doesn’t live up to his previous tracks, but versatility is a major thing and this song may introduce new people into Busta Rhymes, and that’s all good for everyone. This is a sure-fire hit that’s just waiting to go viral. This is the perfect warm-up to any party or club.

“Bottles Up” is available to download and stream right now, through Restricted Records – a label which R-Wan, himself, launched.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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