Big Brother 17: Showbiz Simon Reports on Week 4

Hello, darlings!

We’ve reached the half way stage of this year’s Big Brother, and what a circus it’s been so far. How will it end? Who will win? Am I going insane by watching so much BB? Do you like questions, dear Celeb Mixers?!

Now I know some of you CelebMix fans enjoy putting on a showbiz bet every now, and then, so I thought I would help you by giving you the following run down of my favourite runners and riders from this year’s show, some sadly departed…. enjoy!

5th place – Charlie

At first, all the strops and bunny boiler acting were grating on my nerves, but it’s now hilarious. We have passed through the rabbit hole, my friends! Her little jabs at Jason, her mad hysterical crying and drama queen acting puts a smile on my face at the end of a hectic day. I’m still not sure I like her, but she is TV gold.

4th place – Jackson

I love the home grown thing about this boy, and what you see is very much what you get. The Nottinghamshire lad has a very humble and warm way about him, and people on the inside and outside of the house are falling in love with him. Plus, he is easy on the eye, darlings!

3rd place – Lateysha

Big, bold in and in your face, I love this no-nonsense diva, who comes out with some great one-liners. She’s brassy and confident, and every gay man’s best friend. One to watch after the show is finished, I think.

2nd place – King Marco

I loved the tattooed lothario’s energy, which brought a shock of sexual electricity to the house, not to mention tiger print pants. He came (titter), he saw, he conquered the heart of Laura and was then promptly booted out. For all his many faults, he brought some undeniable showbiz charisma to the house, and will go down as one of the most memorable contestants of recent years.

1st palace – Queen Natalie

My most missed contestant is the queen herself, Natalie. I love this woman completely – big and bold, brasher than even me, and with more honesty than the rest of them put together. The show is dull without her.

Send me your own top five’s, darlings – I’d love to see them!

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Written by CelebMix