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Blonde Maze Releases Alluring New EP ‘Another Color’

Another Color, Blonde Maze’s latest EP, follows on the heels of her EP, Leaving Home. Released via Enhanced Chill, Another Color reveals the multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer sinking into lush hints of creamy, shimmering dream-pop savors.

Based in New York City, Blonde Maze, aka Amanda Steckler, merges glowing surfaces of mellow electronic music with gleaming leitmotifs and sighing vocals into concoctions drenched in emotive, nostalgic washes of sound.

Another Color encompasses seven tracks, including a collaborative effort, “I Remember,” with Alex Baker.

The EP begins with “A Retrospective,” opening with a graceful, scintillating intro flowing into low-slung rhythmic pulses topped by spangled colors and soft, distant vocals. Simultaneously wistful and optimistic, the tune carries suggestions of charming, unforgettable memories.

“When You Move” rides a thumping-lite rhythm as glittering accents twinkle like stars on a warm night, imbuing the melody with murmuring nuances, while throbbing synths add waves of expansive misty textures.

The title track glistens with pastel coloration, infusing the tune with luscious ozone-like hazes as delicate, whispery vocals give the lyrics warm, breathy timbres with tints of desire. A personal favorite because of its pulsating rhythm juxtaposed with sleek, glossy leitmotifs, “I Remember” conjures up shades of musing hues and almost forgotten recollections.

Promoting delectable sensations of sundrenched feelings, “Forever Sun” ripples with vaporous sonic filaments, drifting and sliding on balmy tones as Blonde Maze’s vocals float on silky timbres, immersed in spectral blushes.

An instrumental piece, “Leaving Home” radiates gentle, indulgent surfaces above a thudding kick drum. Swirling, flickering veneers glide overhead, infusing the song with effervescent airiness.

Burnished with dream-pop luster, Another Color conveys opulent atmospheric passion displaying the mastery of Blonde Maze.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.