What is Brad Simpson’s Snapchat?

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Brad Simpson is the lead singer and guitarist for British band The Vamps. The band built a following on their YouTube channel before releasing their first single ‘Can We Dance’ in 2013. The single reached number two in the UK. Their debut album Meet The Vamps also reached number two and a further four singles from the album were released. These were ‘Wild Heart’, ‘Last Night’,  ‘Somebody To You’ featuring Demi Lovato and ‘Oh Cecelia’ featuring Shawn Mendes.

The Vamps have since released their second album Wake Up and are currently working on a third album. They have also toured extensively all over the world, and are currently on a world tour which will see them travel to the USA, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The tour hits the UK next month.

We can’t wait to hear new music from the band. In the meantime if you want to keep up to date, you can give Brad a follow on Snapchat.

What is Brad Simpson’s Snapchat?

You can follow Brad Simpson on Snapchat using bradibeg.

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