Brain Tumor Awareness Month – Nurse and AHP Study Day

March is brain tumor awareness month and The Brain Tumor Charity works hard each day to spread information, share stories, and allow those with tumors, and those who love people with them, to believe in a better life with the condition. The diagnosis of a brain tumor is incredibly frightening, but as advances in healthcare are made, the road becomes a little bit easier to navigate. There are personal stories, research from doctors, and informative videos and web pages shared in the month of March to get the conversation started.

However, the charity doesn’t stop working in March. In fact, they work year-round to help make the necessary changes so that both diagnosing and living with brain tumors can be made easier. One way that they do this is with their Nurse and AHP Study Day.

The Nurse and AHP Study Day is a day aimed to support those who support patients living with brain tumors and their families. Those who attend will get the opportunity to network with people around the UK, as well as hear from clinicians and researchers who are working the front lines of the fight against brain tumors. This allows attendees many opportunities to not only learn more themselves but to share their knowledge with others.

The Nurse and AHP Study Day was very successful in 2016, and those in attendance said that they felt their levels of knowledge, understanding, and compassion widen as they heard stories from patients as well as doctors/researchers, etc. Tickets for the event this year are already on sale, with early bird prices good until April 19th, and if you’re interested in being part of the event, you can sign up here.

For more information on brain tumor awareness, please visit The Brain Tumor Charity’s web page, and don’t forget, this month you can Wear It Out and bring awareness to those around you. The site also provides other ways to get involved – so you can make a difference all month long.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.