Brain Tumor Awareness Month – Scottish Parliament

Brain Tumor Awareness Month is coming to an end but the need for research, funding, and early diagnosis doesn’t end just because the calendar changes.  Just ahead of the Scottish Parliament Election, The Brain Tumor Charity released a manifesto that shows how the lives of people in Scotland who are affected by brain tumors could change – if implemented.

Within the election manifesto there are five points of focus which show the aim of The Brain Tumor Charity and what could be achieved if they are able to more forward with their strategy.  A big selling point is a sentence at the beginning of the manifesto; one which explains just how much change could be made.

“Working in partnership with politicians and policy makers, together we can make the changes that will double survival and halve the harm caused by brain tumours by 2020.”

The Brain Tumor Charity not only believes that they can double the survival rate but halve the lifelong side effects that brain tumors leave patients with – that is an incredible notion, especially being done in the next four years.

1 in 2 patients with a brain tumor experience memory changes, brain tumors reduce the life expectancy of those affected by 20 years, and in a staggering 91% of patients – both physical and mental changes are noted.

If these odds can be changed, and they can, then they should. 

Below are listed points of aim that would not only enhance the lives of those suffering a brain tumor, but perhaps lengthen their lives and eradicate their tumors all together.

Aim: “Reduce the number of people diagnosed with a high grade brain tumor following emergency admissions.”

Aim: “Ensure that all people diagnosed with a brain tumor in Scotland, low or high grade, are fully supported in their treatment decisions and signposted towards appropriate sources of information and support.”

Aim: “Promote transparency and greater data collection to highlight inequalities in care and drive improved outcomes for people with a brain tumor.”

Aim: “Improve the NHS experience of people with a brain tumor, helping them to recover from episodes of ill health and enhancing choice at the end of life.”

Aim: “Make a difference for everyone diagnosed with a brain tumor through the promotion and facilitation of research.”

Each point of aim has listed bullets that show how important it is for congress to back this manifesto and aid in doing what’s necessary to make information more readily available to doctors and patients, give more support to those affected with a brain tumor, and to assist those who are nearing the end stages of life due to their conditions.

If you want to read more about what changes could be made, you can view their manifesto here.  You can also check out The Brain Tumor Charity website and find out more information, how to donate, and spread the word so everyone understands that the time to make a difference is now.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.