Brandon Pearce on Helping People Elevate in Life

Entrepreneur Brandon Pearce is fully convinced that hustling does not stop once one has reached good credit. For him, a new and exciting journey begins when good credit is fully achieved. This is the time to seek new financial opportunities that will allow people to experience financial freedom and stability. And this has been the main objective of his company, New Elite Financials, since its establishment in 2009. Helping clients become financially literate and empowered to pursue financial freedom has been his topmost priority over the years, and he continues to succeed in this area as he guides them to elevate their lives. 

Through his company, Pearce extends help in securing personal and business funding for clients at zero percent interest for two years. While this is a very challenging product to offer, Pearce has found the perfect formula that protected him and his clients over the years. Apart from this, his company also extends help to clients with bad credit. His credit repair service is one of the most effective and successful in the industry today. At present, New Elite Financials is poised to be in the top 10 fastest growing funding companies in the midwest and top five credit repair companies across the country. 

His success in the credit repair area was brought about by his results-oriented approach to doing business. He also offers affordably priced services, perfect for clients who are struggling financially but wish to get a second chance where it concerns their financial standing. As CEO and founder of his company, Pearce has been instrumental in helping more than 20,000 individuals begin a new and more financially secure life after their credits were repaired. With Pearce leading, his clients have found a promising path to generational wealth. 

“We are proud to say that New Elite Financials is not like your typical/average company. We prioritize clients over transactions. I, Brandon Pearce, have a background in underwriting for some of the largest financial institutions in the world,” he explained. “I have also worked for collections companies and am now bringing my expertise and resources to help the consumer. I am a serial entrepreneur who has been able to leverage credit and move like water in different sectors like real estate, car rental companies and have helped fund startups, sole proprietors, big businesses who bring in multiple seven and eight figures a year.”

New Elite Financials’ 99.9% success rate is unheard of and incomparable. This was made possible by combining cutting-edge technology with Pearce’s business acumen. What’s more, Pearce has always offered a money-back guarantee if his clients do not get the results they were promised. His company’s dispute approach is quite distinct. It does not merely dispute; it challenges the system, which is 3-4 times faster than the regular dispute rate. 

At the end of the day, Pearce is all about making a lasting difference in the lives of his clients. Doing this brings him and his team irreplaceable and priceless fulfillment, something that money cannot buy. By empowering his clients to make informed decisions about money, he hopes to see more and more people live their best lives and achieve their dreams for themselves and their families. 

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Written by Monella