Brandon Stansell Releases Music Video For “For You” Which Co-Stars Eureka O’Hara

We have a new music video from Brandon Stansell, and gosh does it show an empowering story! The visual is for the amazingly addictive track “For You“, and co-stars Eureka O’Hara who is best known for her time on season nine and ten of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she came 11th and 2nd respectively.

Brandon Stansell is paving a name for himself as he continues to release incredible music. He dropped his Slow Down album last year, with the help of crowd-funding website Kickstarter, and his music video for “Spare Change” was named one of our top music videos of the year. The question is, can he do it again? He looks like he’s in with a shot as recently released single “For You” has just got an epic music video that we are living for.

Team Tennessee for the win, Brandon Stansell enlisted RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni, Eureka O’Hara for the visual and it’s got us hooked from the very start. It was directed by Trent Atkinson, whilst Hanuman Brown-Eagle acted as Director of Photography. As for the song, it was written by MYLEN and Brandon Stansell, whilst it was produced by Erik Halbig, MYLEN, and Aaron Aiken.

Watch Brandon Stansell’s Music Video To “For You” Co-Starring Eureka O’Hara Here:

This music video sure is epic. It relates to the song magically, with Brandon Stansell and Eureka O’Hara nailing the narrative side as well as the performance side too. It’s full of comedy, love, and believing in oneself. The story starts with Brandon Stansell and Eureka O’Hara arriving at a party, but they don’t know anyone and the people they do know are ignoring them.

Eureka spots a guy she likes but he’s not interested and laughs at her, so Brandon follows her and cheers her up. He takes off her glasses which transforms her into a beautiful drag queen, and she runs off to get with the guy she likes. In the end, she realises that she’d rather spend time with Brandon Stansell – wouldn’t we all? – who saw her true colours from the start. It’s a sweet story that definitely pulls on the heartstrings of everyone who has been an outcast or alone in a crowded room.

As for the performance side, it’s fun and lively, with Brandon Stansell bringing across his jovial personality, whilst Eureka O’Hara brings glam and comedy. It works brilliantly, and at the very end we see how it was filmed.

For You” is available to download and stream right now, and it’s by far one of our favourite upbeat tracks that have been released this year. Team Tennessee got us feeling emotion!

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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