Track-By-Track Album Review: Brandon Stansell’s Debut Album “Slow Down”

It only feels like yesterday since Brandon Stansell launched his Kickstarter campaign; in fact, it was revealed in mid-August. He promised that his debut studio album would be released on 6 October, and true to his word, he created his crowd-funded album and released on 7 October – due to some teething problems. His debut studio album “Slow Down” is out now!

This has certainly been a long time coming, we previously had an EP from Brandon Stansell, titled “Dear John”, and then we had three singles “Slow Down”, “Spare Change”, and “Never Know”, that join together for another EP titled “Slow Down”; this preceded his debut album, and all three tracks appear on this LP.

The album contains 11 tracks overall including an acoustic version of album track “Hometown”. It is available to download and stream across all platforms. Brandon Stansell has really proven that he is an incredible male country singer; one who certainly has a long and worthwhile career ahead of him.

As a backer of his campaign, we were lucky enough to be one of 300+ people who heard his album first. It’s pure magic from start to finish, and now you can listen to the album in full.

Slow Down (feat. Ty Herndon)

This is his most streamed track to date, probably due to the fact that it is a collaboration with Ty Herndon; as well as the fact that it is the title track of his second EP, as well as this album. It’s such a relaxer of an anthem that is super sweet. Their vocals are on point from start to finish with some great harmonies throughout. We can feel Brandon Stansell’s emotion on this track, he really means every single word. It’s such an honest song, that we’re not surprised it opens this album, as well as it being the title track for the album and his previous EP.

Never Know

Another song from his previous EP. “Never Know” has a much more pop-country-ballad sound to it that really showcases Brandon Stansell’s vocals off. It’s a progressive song which is completely passionate throughout. It has a catchy hook with addicting lyrics, one we’ve learnt through multiple plays of this song. He tells us a story with this song, one that we can imagine as we listen to his brilliant voice.

Playing Games

A brand new song and we love it on first listen. It has a great rhythm from the very start with Brandon Stansell’s perfect voice exposed throughout. It’s a soulful track that really allows him to flood the song with emotions while adding brilliant vocal kicks that make this song one of the best. No one can deny that he has a brilliant voice; one we could spend all day listening to. The track is much more upbeat with a heightened sense of fun throughout.

Scared Of Me

No, this is not a song for Halloween, even if this album has been released in October. “Scared Of Me” is another great song from Brandon Stansell. He impresses with his voice and the lyrics because he’s being super honest and completely relatable. We’ve all been scared of ourselves once upon a time, and we love the fact that we have a song for these sort of times. Just simply wow! This is our top favourite track on this album.

Man Of Steel

This one changes the style a little bit as we hear a guitar and drums in the backing track. Bringing a band-like country song really shows his versatility and certainly interests a wider audience. The song is one of those tracks that will become an iconic and classic Brandon Stansell track; one that we bet will bring great energy during his live gigs.

Spare Change

Definitely our favourite from his three-track EP he released earlier this year; this song is beyond catchy and has such a heart-warming music video. Full of positivity, this track is completely jovial; one we haven’t stopped playing since we first heard it. It’s nice to hear this sort of music from Brandon Stansell and it totally suits his voice in every way. This is still one of our favourites that really shows off his voice. If there was a song we could choose to be a hit, it would be this one!

Love In Hollywood

Keeping with a similar style to “Spare Change”, the jovial tracks continue with this sweet song “Love In Hollywood”. It’s a little bit of a notch down compared to the previous track allowing Brandon Stansell to send out emotional vibes throughout. Regardless, it has a great rhythm with him fully taking us on a journey with the song and the lyrics.


From the first second that this track jumps in, we knew it was going to be soulful and gorgeous. There are not many other words we could describe this track, his vocals are 100 percent on point. The backing track alone hits our hearts; yet, added with the totally meaningful lyrics that are beyond relatable, this track is total fire. Wow! If there’s one relatable gay anthem on this track, it’s this one! We finally have a track that connects us all, one we can all understand. Thank you Brandon Stansell, for this amazing song!

Time To Time

Probably the biggest ballad on this album, “Time To Time” is a progressive track that exposes his voice completely. It’s such a slow unforgettable song that really accentuates his incredible vocal ability. Brandon Stansell really puts his heart on his sleeve for this song as he tells his story to every single listener. This is the track that has impressed us all and stands out for all the right reasons.

Not Tonight

If we had a choice for which song should be the next one to have a music video, it’s this one. It’s country-pop in every way and will work as the perfect follow up to “Spare Change”. Upbeat and groovy, “Not Tonight” is a real track, one that you’ll be singing along to by the end of it. Showing off his versatility, yet again, Brandon Stansell is a treasured singer that has released a phenomenal debut album, and this is a treasured track of ours.

Hometown (Acoustic)

We didn’t think it was possible to make “Hometown” any more personal and honest. The studio version almost had us in tears; yet, it’s this version that pushes us over the edge. Adding so much feeling into this song, the stripped back acoustic version just shows how amazing his vocals are and how passionate he really is. This song hits home in every way.

As a whole, this album is beyond anything we expected. We knew it would be an album we’d be obsessed with; but, we weren’t prepared for the versatility, the honest and real lyrics, and the astounding vocals.

“Slow Down”, the debut album from Brandon Stansell is available to download and stream right now. It’s a total must-listen-to album, one that you won’t be disappointed in at all. We’re excited to see what the future will bring to this extraordinary country singer.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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