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Brandon Tew Drops Debut Single “I’m Not Gonna Wait”

Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Brandon Tew releases his debut single, “I’m Not Gonna Wait,” via Rise Records, an intimate, vulnerable song about the double loss of friendship and love.

Brandon shares, “‘I’m Not Gonna Wait’ explains the disheartening reasons surrounding the concept of giving up on a friendship that was made to be more.”

Produced by legendary Jon Withnall (Coldplay, Rhianna), “I’m Not Gonna Wait” reveals the emotive gift of Brandon, who has been attracting vast attention in the UK indie scene. The track arrives as the talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist is setting off on his European tour.

“I’m Not Gonna Wait” rolls out on an elegant, graceful piano full of melancholic residue, followed by the entry of Brandon’s delicious voice, dripping with sadness and regret. A throbbing bassline imbues the tune with alluring tones, investing the harmonics with thrumming, aching notes.

There’s a haunting quality to Brandon’s vocals, imbuing the lyrics with unbridled passion and emotional susceptibility.

“Tell me I should stay / When you’re feeling bad / And I won’t walk away / When you’re feeling mad / But I’m not gonna wait no / I’m not gonna wait for you / No I’m not gonna wait for you / No I’m not gonna wait for you / No I’m not gonna wait for you at all.”

At once evocative and overwhelming, with “I’m Not Gonna Wait,” Brandon Tew displays his enormous talent for eloquent songwriting.

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Tour Dates:

EBGBS – November 25th

Sofa Sounds – December 9th

Written by Randy

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