Britannia is heading back to our TV screens

Britannia, the hit Sky Atlantic show, starring Mackenzie Crook and Eleanor Worthington-Cox is returning for a second series.

Set in the 1st century AD, Britannia re-imagines the chaotic and often bloody and petty squabbles of the Roman forces as they arrive in a land of feuding local tribes (the Regni and the Cantii), and encounter Druids, demons and prophecies along the way.

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David Morrissey returns as General Aulus Plautius, as well as Eleanor Worthington-Cox, who plays Celtic Queen Amena.

Zoë Wanamaker plays Regni Queen Antedia and Mackenzie Crook is Druid leader Veran (and this season also plays his twin brother, Harka). Annabel Scholey, Hugo Speer and Julian Rhind-Tutt also star in the show as well.

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Britannia was filmed both near Prague and in Wales, take it from us as we’ve seen a sneak peek of season 2, it’s worth watching for the stunning scenery, let the alone the humorous but often deeply emotive storylines.

The show returns for a new series with 10 episodes on Thursday 7 November on Sky Atlantic. Sky and NOW TV viewers can binge-watch the whole series as a box set as soon as the first episode airs.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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