Britney Spears Extends Her Slumber Party To The Dance Floor

Isn’t this a nice early Christmas gift? The legendary Miss Britney Spears has today blessed us with new music. Well, not brand new to be quite fair but we haven’t heard her like that in a while either. After promoting her latest track, the sexy “Slumber Party”, with the talented Tinashe on many occasions during the last couple of weeks, she decided to give her fans a nice treat for the winter holidays.

Because it’s so cold outside right now, Britney decided to turn the heat up by releasing this remix EP. It features five different versions of the previously smooth song. In case you expect something equally Netflix & Chill-y now, you might be disappointed. But don’t be too sad just yet, the remixes are great nonetheless. Britney just emphasizes the word ‘party’ in the term “Slumber Party”. There’s no more time anymore for pillow fights and feathers. Britney is now truly causing a commotion with these club-ready bangers. Whether you like it a bit more synthy or whether you prefer the big anthem-like productions, Godney got your back.

If you want to check the songs out, we have included a Spotify link down below.

Britney Spears had a great year so far by debuting her ninth album “Glory” which reached the the highest chart positions in many countries since the release of “In The Zone”. It was applauded by critics and loved by fans for its new style in direction. “Slumber Party” is the second song off of “Glory” and received a feature by American R&B singer Tinashe.

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