Brodie Nero Thought He Needed the Backing of a Label Before He Hit it Big on His Own

Toronto native Brodie Nero knew music was his calling. Instead of listening to people who told him to prioritize realistic goals over a hobby, he listened to his instincts. Today, his tribal ethnic style is trending at the top of the charts. We caught up with this DJ/producer to talk about his latest release and impressive growth.

Tell us about your hit single “Away”

This house track was remixed by Zone+, a very well-known DJ and producer. Within a few days of its release, Away was #1 on the Top 100 Organic House Releases and #1 on the Top 100 Releases for all electronic/house music groups on BEATPORT. It also trended #7 and #10 on the Top 10 Organic House Tracks on the same platform.

You call yourself an independent artist. Can you give us a little more insight about that term?

I’m independent because I’m not signed to a label. Like most artists, did try to go this route because it increases credibility. After submitting my track to 15-20 labels and always getting turned down or told it would be released on their schedule, I decided to do this on my own. I released Away independently, and I was the only artist on the charts not represented by a label. It has motivated me to keep up the hard work and continue to release great music.

What is your latest project?

I want it to be a surprise. It is my first original production, and it even features some of my best work to date. The pandemic delayed things and I wasn’t able to release this sooner, but I was determined to finish the track. I was up to the challenge because of my passion and drive. They helped me overcome the adversities I was facing.

Written by Monella