Broke Royals Release Music Video for “Christmas Cookie Blues”
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Broke Royals Release Music Video for “Christmas Cookie Blues”

December came at us quick, and before we knew it, it was already time for the holidays! Broke Royals, consisting of Philip Basnight and Colin Cross, is one of the many bands that are writing Christmas songs this year, but theirs has a twist to it. The pop/rock band recently released their festive holiday song, “Christmas Cookie Blues.”

What’s the twist? Well “Christmas Cookie Blues” isn’t your average Christmas song, because the holidays aren’t always full of holiday cheer for everyone. As harsh as that sounds, the song is realistic. “Christmas Cookie Blues” is a whimsical tale of lost love, told from the perspective of a young man trying to keep it together just long enough to get through a Christmas Cookie Exchange.

Don’t worry though, the song is still fun and actually uplifting with lyrics like, “It’s pretty ironic, because there’s nothing sweet about you,” and “I’m taking my cookies, and I’m moving on.” In this story, the bad cookie isn’t going to win.

As the band prepares cookies in the music video, the young man is remembering the great times he shared with his former lover during the holidays. But the fact that the cookie sheet is demolished by the end of the video, says a lot… haha

Check out the music video for “Christmas Cookie Blues” below:

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