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Bronnie Drops New Seven-Track EP Titled “Dream Or Nightmare”

This week saw Bronnie release her brand new EP, Dream or Nightmare. It is her first EP to contain seven tracks – the most tracks out of all the ones she has released to-date. It follows up her recent single release of the same name.

Bronnie, full name Bronnie Hughes, is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool. She’s been focusing on her music career for a couple of years, now, and has been gaining fans with the more releases she drops and the more touring she does. She made her name known with the release of “High School Sucks” and as the years have gone by, she’s constantly released new music. Her 2019 single “Stay” – which acts as the first single from this EP – has become her most-streamed song to date, proving that her popularity has been rising over the past few years since her recent songs are performing better. It is followed by “Strange Tattoo” and “Get A Grip” respectively. Her title single “Dream or Nightmare” which marks the third single released from this EP, is gaining streams and we’re sure it’ll easily become one of her most-streamed songs soon. She is set to go out on tour in support of As December Falls, throughout October which intercuts her monthly headline shows which sees her perform in London, Newcastle, Birmingham, and Amsterdam.

As always, we thought we’d review each of the songs on the EP, as each one deserves its own spotlight.

Run and Hide

This may appear as a solo track on Spotify and other streaming sites, but on Apple Music, it is also listed with a feature from Phil Marsh. It is the opening track which certainly sets the mood of the whole EP. Bronnie’s vocals jump out of nowhere at the very beginning, giving us the chorus immediately and letting it sink in as an instrumental section flares up straight after. Bronnie certainly doesn’t do things by half and this is a nice surprise to kick-start the EP. This track alone shows how far Bronnie has come over the last few years, it’s a constructed masterpiece with some brilliant lines and emotional integrity. Easily relatable throughout, Bronnie showcases herself perfectly. Phil Marsh jumps in with a surprise of his own, mixing up the track and adding a more hard rock spin to the song, it’s a hit or miss part, where some will like his addition to the song and others won’t, but it adds a bit of spice to draw the listeners in that little bit more.

Lost and Found

Officially released as the second single from the EP, “Lost and Found” brings a more pure rock theme to the EP with Bronnie’s addicting vocals raging over the top. Storytelling throughout, this singer-songwriter gives us imagery like no other. The song reminds us of the popular rock released in the late ’90s / early ’00s, easily giving us nostalgia.

Dream or Nightmare

Continuing on from the previous song, the title track “Dream or Nightmare” keeps to the rockier side of her music whilst giving us a tonne of imagery in her lyrics. The song is story-style again easily displaying her thoughts and emotions. Bronnie impresses with her vocals whilst giving us an addicting rock beat. This is definitely a highlight on the EP.

Not Too Late to Be Okay

Drums kick in at the very start with Bronnie’s vocals following almost straight away. Bringing ’00s rock inspiration, “Not Too Late To Be Okay” is a strong and powerful punk-rock track. Bronnie is heard well over the raging backing track, she’s spreading positivity as well as empathy; if anything, this song’s message makes it an undeniably brilliant song but it’s the instruments that make up the awesome backing track that easily makes this song unforgettable, driving the message into the ears and the hearts of its listeners.


Appealing to her adult fans with “Ageing”, Bronnie gives us a song to fully relate to with scenarios throughout of feelings and thoughts we all think about when we grow older. Her ability to draw inspiration for songs from the people around her and her fans is simply incredible and shows off the type of person she is. The song is one of the shortest on the EP, just a little longer than “Dream or Nightmare”, but this one is really noticeable, purely because we didn’t want to stop listening to it.


This track was the official first single from the EP, but many of her fans have heard it previously, as she first uploaded the song on to YouTube, four years ago. It’s clear that this track means a lot to her, but she’s definitely switched it up and put a more hard-rock edge to it, in comparison. The song is about someone she can’t stop thinking about – we’ve all been there. Certainly catchy, it’s no surprise the song has quickly become her most-streamed song to-date.

I Wonder What It’s Like

Stripping it back for the final song, Bronnie ends this EP on a much soft-rock side, and we are living for it! This is Bronnie at her best, showcasing her vocals and lyrical content whilst also exposing her emotional side through her voice. “I Wonder What It’s Like” is passionate, controlled, and beautiful, Bronnie is a total wonder, certainly showing off her incredible voice and ability to flood a song with so much heart. Stripped back tracks really allow Bronnie to shine to no end, and this one just steals the whole EP. If there’s any song that needs to be on repeat all day long, we’d totally choose this one.

Overall, Bronnie manages to showcase her versatility, her ability to add emotion to her tracks, and her awesome vocals on this EP. Dream Or Nightmare is her first EP with seven tracks and her first that not only shows how far she has come as an artist over the last few years but also shows how she manages to relate herself and her feelings to her fans. This is not just any rock EP, this is Bronnie’s best EP to-date. She’s going to have difficulty topping this one.

Dream or Nightmare is available to download and stream right now. Don’t forget to catch her on tour, she will definitely be singing songs from this EP. Check out the tour dates below.

Tour Dates:

  • 6 October – Bronnie Live In London – The Camden Assembly, London, UK
  • 11 October – Supporting As December Falls – The Garage, Glasgow, UK
  • 12 October – Supporting As December Falls – Head of Steam, Newcastle, UK
  • 13 October – Supporting As December Falls – Gullivers, Manchester, UK
  • 18 October – Supporting As December Falls – Fox and Newt, Leeds, UK
  • 19 October – Supporting As December Falls – The Shed, Leicester, UK
  • 3 November – Bronnie Live – Think Tank? Underground, Newcastle, UK
  • 15 December – Bronnie Live – Asylum 2, Birmingham, UK
  • 18 January – Bronnie Live – Melkweg Upstairs, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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