DISCOVER: Bronnie Releases New Single “Stay”

In the last week, we’ve had a brand new single from Bronnie, marking her first release of 2019. This new single, “Stay”, is officially the first song that she ever wrote, and a video of her singing the song can be found on her YouTube Channel, listed as being posted over four years ago.

Bronnie, full name Bronnie Hughes, is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool. She’s been focusing on her music career for a couple of years and has been gaining fans with the more releases she drops and the more touring she does. She made her name known with the release of “High School Sucks” and as the years have gone by, she’s constantly released new music. Her 2018 single “Strange Tattoo” has become her most-streamed song to date followed by her Spotify-only cover of Little Mix’s “Shout Out To My Ex” in a Pop Goes Punk version. The release of new single “Stay” – a song she wrote years ago – leads us all to believe that we’ll be hearing it live on her upcoming Geeks and Freaks Headline Tour.

“Stay” follows up her previously released EP, titled Silent Misery, which was her fourth EP release, and we’re sure another one isn’t too far off, especially with the release of the new single. According to Bronnie’s video from four years ago, she wrote the song in April 2014 while she was in Wales after just booking her McBusted tickets.

Listen To Bronnie’s New Single “Stay” Here:

For anyone who has been a fan of Bronnie for years, and first heard “Stay” on her YouTube Channel four years ago, well you’ll be in for a shock as this track has been produced into Bronnie’s current punk-rock style. It adds her signature sound to a song that means a lot to many of her lifelong fans.

It’s a hard-hitting song, not just in the rock backing track, but also in the emotion from her voice and her lyrics as she sings about someone she can’t stop thinking about. This hard rock version is powerful and certainly one of our favourite Bronnie songs, however, we hope that an acoustic version is officially released to allow Bronnie’s vocals and emotions shine even more.

Check Out Bronnie’s YouTube Video Of “Stay” From 4 Years Ago Here:

Comparisons between the video above and the single release is expected, and it really showcases how far Bronnie has come in the four years since she released the video.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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