DISCOVER Bronnie’s Music Video For “Get A Grip”

Before the release of her second EP, titled “Get A Grip”, Bronnie teased us all with the release of the music video of the title track. This is her fifth music video overall, after “Modern Day Christmas”, “High School Sucks“, “Scared Much“, and “Danced With The Devil“.

The song has been written by Bronnie herself and was previously released a month early as a Spotify-only release as a gift to her fans. We really can’t deny how catchy it truly is; it’s no surprise that this is the title track to her brand new EP! The videography is by James Lynd and both the artist and the videographer edited the music video. It was exclusively premiered by Alternative Press.

The visual is different to her previous music videos as it is a pure performance piece. She truly rocks out with her band unleashing her usual energy, which easily transgresses to the viewers at home. The song itself has a more punk-rock vibe going on, whereas her previous EP, “Social Rejex” was more pop-rock.

We love the added visuals to the video which makes it more fun overall. Not only that but seeing the occasional word from the lyrics certainly emphasises the song. Also, we dare you to count how many times you spot George The Alien – make sure you tweet us the total number and we’ll see if it matches up with our count.

Watch Bronnie’s Music Video To “Get A Grip” Here:

The song is out now along with the rest of her “Get A Grip EP”. It is available to download and stream on all services. Look out for our Track-By-Track EP review, coming soon.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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